Prom Supplies

For all your prom floral design needs.

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  • Boutonnieres &...

    To make your date Boutonnieres match your dress better with some accessories.

  • Bracelet / Wristlet

    Prom corsage bracelet in a variety of colors 

  • Deco Wire - Holo Tape

    Add some accent to your Corsage with different color Deco Wire and Holo Tape

  • Elastic / Velcro Wristlet

    Instead of having to tie your corsage you can have your corsage on a elastic / velcro wristlet 

  • Prom Garland

    Bling up your Corsage or Dress with some Garland

  • Glitter Tulle and Tulle

    In a variety of different colors add some sparkle or flare to your corsage with Glitter Tulle and Tulle 

  • Prom Hearts

    Hearts to put on your Prom Corsage 

  • Leaves

    Make your corsage more life like and add some leaves. In different colors or add some sparkles or rhinestone leaves. 

  • Misc. Goodies

    Add some Misc. Goodies to your corsage

  • Pearl Beads & Pearl Spray

    Different color and sizes Pearl Beads you can add to your Corsage or Dress

  • Pins

    Instead of having a normal pin on your Corsage or Boutonnieres have some hearts or stars. 

  • Prom Rhinestones

    To Bling up your Prom Dress or Prom Corsage 

  • Rhinestone Headband &...

    To add a bit more bling to your prom night why not add some Rhinestone Headband and Rings.

  • Ribbon

    Ribbon to make Prom Corsage 

  • Silk Flowers

    In a variety of colors add some silk flowers to your Corsage or to give as a Boutonniere

  • Star - Crown Ribbon Charm

    Add some Stars or Ribbon Charms to your corsage 

  • Tiara

    Add some bling to your corsage with tiaras